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I have a 100% satisfaction rating on ebay. Used Stainless Steel Barrels are my specialty.  If you are in need of a 55 gallon Stainless Steel Barrel you've come the right place. The same goes if you are in need of food grade wine barrels. I have been a preferred supplier of used stainless steel wine barrels for the last two years.

Sorry no local pick ups as the barrels are currently stored at my private residence. Thank You!  

We also purchase all sizes of stainless steel barrels in large quantities. For information, call John at 513-616-3369. 

   Stainless Steel Drums, Barrels, Kegs, Pots and Beakers
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Discount Prices on 5-75 Gallon Stainless Steel Drums, Stainless Steel Barrels, 30 Gallon Stainless Steel Drums, Stainless Steel Kegs, Stainless Steel Stock Pots, Stainless Steel Beakers. 

If you are searching for a great rate on a used stainless steel drums or on stainless steel pots then Used Stainless Steel Barrels is the place for you.

If your going to use a 55 gallon barrel as a:
  1. Grill / Meat Smoker (Watch one our customer turn a stainless steel barrel into a top of the line smoker) 
  2. Maple Syrup Drum
  3. Beer Barrel
  4. Wine Barrel
  5. Homemade Barbecue
  6. Alcohol Still
  7. Chemical Storage Container
  8. Charcoal Smoker
  9. Homemade Fire Pit
  10. Fire Drum
  11. Fuel Storage
then look no further than

Our stainless steel drums are:
  1.  lightly used
  2. food grade
  3. Available in a variety of gauges/mm's at low rates.

Our Used Stainless Steel Barrels Ebay Track Record: 
  • 100 % Feedback
  • Shop now for your stainless steel barrels-drums-beer kegs-pots-beakers in confidence knowing we have a five star track record on Ebay. We are very proud of our Ebay track record for our stainless steel products and work hard to keep it this way. 
  • Here's what other customers have said about Used Stainless Steel Barrels:
    • 1/24/14 Great product, fast delivery, thanks you!
    • 10/2/13 Great Product would buy again
    • 9/28/13 Fast shipper and just what i wanted. A++++ 
    • 9/26/13 Shipped fast, better shape than anticipated! Great deal, great seller!
    • 9/16/13 100% satisfaction description and item was perfect
    • 8/26/13Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++.
    • 3/6/13 1000% A+ of seller communication. Very understanding. A+++++++++++ THANK YOU

Common Stainless Steel Drum Questions

How do I clean a stainless steel drum? A product that is commonly used to very effectively clean stainless steel barrels is sodium percarbonate. D-Limonene, or orange peal extract, is also effective in cleaning steel vessels.  Both of these products have been used to clean stainless steel containers to great satisfaction from previous customers.  Sanitary Supply Corporation makes a great product call Liquid Enzyme II; this product eliminates odors.  I have also had breweries use a small amount of bleach with a good amount of water to eliminate odors as well.  Obvisouly, after using any of these products you should rinse your barrel several times.

How many days will it take to receive my steel container?  It takes approximately 2-9 days from payment. In some cases we can ship your stainless steel containers the same day but our stainless steel drums and stainless steel pots often ship out the following day.  

How many 55 gallon stainless drums and/or stainless steel barrels do you have available?  You can see a fairly current inventory list here, but our stainless steel drum supply is not consistent so your best bet is to view this then contact us or at 513-608.4601 It's best to let me know the quantity you require and I will try to fill it. You can also go to my store as I try to keep the inventory current.

Do you have, or can you get other sizes of stainless steel containers?Stainless Steel Barrels are hard to come by at a reasonable price. While we are always sourcing product it's difficult to know exactly what stainless steel products we may come across. Your best bet is to let us know what you are looking for so that we can try and source this for you at the best possible rate.

Multiple barrel discounts are listed on our Shop page when available.

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Closed top barrels uses. Used stainless steel barrels can be used to make, brew, ferment and store wine. Micro breweries purchase them to make, brew, ferment and store beer. Barrels made of stainless steel can be used as a still to make beer, wine  and alcohol. Wine makers purchase previously used stainless steel barrels / drums as an important part of wine and beer production and storage.  Wineries use stainless containers, carboys to store wine products. Stainless steel barrels, drums are an important part of the production and storage of maple syrup. Maple syrup stores well in stainless steel barrels. Buy stainless steel drums in a variety of gauges. Buy stainless steel barrels in a variety of MM based on what you will need them for. You can also buy a stainless steel drum to use as a meat smoker. Buy a stainless steel drum to use as a meat smoker. A used stainless steel open top drum works well as a charcoal meat smoker . A used stainless steel barrel can be cut in half and used as a planter. Buy a used stainless steel drum and use as a fire barrel.  You can stack multiple wine barrels together to resemble a real wine cellar. Wine cellar decorations out of stainless steel barrels. A wine cellar isn't complete until you have a stainless steel drum in it. A used stainless steel barrel is a perfect height for a wine tasting table. My son used stainless steel barrels as end table on his beer pong table. A open top stainless steel barrel makes for a great trash can. Buy stainless steel drums as marketing pieces. Only the closed top barrels are food grade. Adding food grade open top. Stainless Steel Barrels for Sale 55 Gallon, 30 gallon stainless steel barrel, stainless steel beer keg, stainless steel keg, used stainless steel beer keg, steel barrels, steel barrel, fiber drum, fiber barrels,  plastic drums, plastic barrels, stainless steel pots, stainless steel beakers.

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